It’s hard to have a beautiful lawn when you have dogs that play on it often. Even if you do everything right, your pups can destroy the hours of work you put into maintaining the grass in a matter of minutes. So you have two options if your heart is set on a beautiful lawn: keep your dogs out of it or replace its turf with artificial pet turf in Orlando. It’s so durable, they can’t ruin it by doing the following things:

Eat the Grass

There are several reasons why dogs eat grass. Some do it to induce vomiting when they feel sick, while others just like the way the grass tastes. They tear off the turf from the ground and munch on it, sometimes with the roots included.

Dogs can’t do that to synthetic grass. Artificial turf doesn’t have the same taste, smell, and texture as real grass. That alone will stop most dogs from eating it. Of course, there are still some dogs who’ll try to munch on it despite the fact. But don’t worry, they won’t be able to get through the tough fibers.

Dig Up Dirt

Dogs love to dig. They do it to hide things, find things, make a cool spot to nap in, or just for fun. Unfortunately, they can wreck natural lawns in the process. Their claws and teeth can rip up the grass and send it flying, leaving unsightly holes in their wake.

But that’s not a problem with artificial pet turf in Orlando. Even the most determined digger won’t be able to break through synthetic pet turf. It has dense, tightly woven fibers that dog claws and teeth can’t penetrate.

Moreover, turf installers make sure the seams are secure so that dogs can’t tear them off and get under the installation.

Turn the Turf Yellow

Dogs can turn natural grass yellow. Their urine contains nitrogen compounds, and too much of them can burn the grass and create yellow patches.

Note that grass does benefit from nitrogen. It’s why some pee spots might have patches of thick, dark grass. However, too much nitrogen in one spot can ruin the lawn.

On the other hand, dog urine has no lasting effects on artificial grass for dogs, yards, and synthetic putting green installations in Orlando.It’s not alive, so it can’t burn or turn yellow when pee soaks into it. It also has great drainage, which means that urine won’t pool on its surface.

Make the Lawn Smelly

When dogs poop on the grass, they leave behind a smelly mess. You can clean up after them, but you’ll likely leave behind traces of feces that can attract pests and spread germs over time.Poop clings to the turf, and it’s hard to get it off. If you try scrubbing or washing it off, you risk drowning the turf in water and damaging it in other ways.

In contrast, it’s easy to clean off dog waste from artificial grass. You can rinse, wash, and scrub the turf as much as you want. You can even spray deodorizer on it for good measure to make sure it smells fresh afterward.

If you want to plan ahead of time, investing in deodorizing infill for your pet turf is a good idea. It will help keep your lawn free of unpleasant smells.

Pet-Proof Your Yard With the Help of an Artificial Grass Expert in Orlando

Orlando Artificial Grass Pros is your partner in all things synthetic turf. So with our artificial grass products, you can be sure that your yard will be pet-proof and pet-friendly.

We also offer installation services and landscaping solutions, so you can have a beautiful yard that’s safe for your dogs.

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