Replacing a natural lawn with synthetic turf is a worthy yet significant financial investment. Some homeowners attempt to cut costs by going the DIY route. If you’re on the fence about hiring an artificial grass expert in Orlando, you should think twice. You’ll only get these five advantages when you entrust the job to a professional.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Turf installers

When it comes to synthetic grass, it pays to get the best for the job. This includes turf products, accessories, and of course, the installers themselves. Keep in mind that top-quality artificial grass can last up to 15 years or more —cutting corners can mean 15 years of dealing with issues instead of enjoying your yard.

Make your synthetic lawn a fun and stress-free space for years by going with professional synthetic putting green installation in Orlando instead of DIY. Here are five advantages the pros bring to the table:

1. Efficient Project Completion

No matter how excellent your DIY skills are, artificial grass installers can finish the job faster. They’ve spent many years practicing each phase, from leveling the ground to rolling out the turf. Instead of having a messy construction site in your yard for weeks, they only need a short time to return your home to full functionality.

2. Expertise in Selecting Materials

Hiring pros take the guesswork out of which products you should buy. To the untrained eye, most synthetic grasses look alike. However, each turf is designed for a specific residential or commercial use. For instance, artificial grass for dogs has a different pile height and drainage system than turf for backyard putting greens in Orlando.

When you go DIY, you run the risk of getting the wrong products and spending more to correct the mistake. Avoid this by relying on professionals to help you choose the right products for your lawn and lifestyle.

3. Warranty Protection

Installing artificial turf yourself means taking the risk of not being protected by warranties. While the turf product themselves do have warranties, you’re on your own when it comes to any installation-related problems. Hiring professionals means you’re protected on all fronts —should there be errors on the labor side, you can rely on them to fix such mistakes without incurring additional labor expenses.

4. Visually Appealing Results

Unless you’ve very well-versed in the process, which most homeowners are not, DIY turf installation can lead to unattractive results. Some common DIY mistakes include structural flaws in the turf, such as warping, bubbling and gaps. Hiring an artificial grass expert in Orlando eliminates these issues. Expect a picture-perfect, flawless lawn when you hire experienced installers.

5. Expert Maintenance Advice

Finally, professionals share insider advice on how to keep your lawn looking fresh for many years to come. DIY installers may be able to look up general turf care advice online, but nothing beats the first-hand knowledge of experts. This reliable advice will help you keep your synthetic yard beautiful and avoid costly repairs due to misinformation.

Trust Orlando Artificial Grass Pros For Top-Quality Installation

Be sure to have the best professionals on your side when you’re investing in your landscape. As the leading installers in the area, you can rely on Orlando Artificial Grass Pros for worry-free, high-quality installation for residential and commercial projects. Leave the hard work to us, and come home to a synthetic yard you can be proud of. Call us today at 866-309-8873 to learn more!