Every season brings different challenges and tasks to keep your natural lawn lush, vibrant, and healthy. Maintaining natural grass isn’t a one-off task; it’s a full-year commitment, with each season demanding unique efforts, resources, and time.  Don’t want to deal with all that hassle? An artificial grass expert in Orlando can help with an all-season artificial grass synthetic lawn.

Spring Maintenance of Natural Grass

These upkeep tasks are essential in helping natural lawns recover from winter: 

Aeration and Overseeding

Spring is the time for aeration and overseeding. Aeration allows the soil to breathe, promoting healthier grass, while overseeding helps to fill in any bare patches from winter damage. 

Typically, aeration and overseeding can take a full weekend of work for an average-sized lawn. The cost can range from $200 to $400 if you hire a professional or less if you do it yourself. 

However, this does not include the time spent watering and nurturing the new seeds.

Why Synthetic Grass Doesn’t Need It

With artificial grass, aeration and overseeding become tasks of the past. The grass retains its color, density, and vibrant appearance throughout the year, without the need for constant upkeep.


Spring is also the time for the first round of fertilization. This is necessary to feed your lawn and help it recover from the winter. 

On average, you may need to spend $50 to $100 for the fertilizer and a few hours to apply it.

Why Synthetic Grass Doesn’t Need It

Artificial grass installation in Orlando doesn’t require fertilization. The lush, green appearance is maintained without any additional nutrients, saving you time and money.

Summer Maintenance of Natural Grass

To withstand the heat and stay healthy in the summer, natural lawns need the following maintenance tasks:

Frequent Mowing

In summer, lawns grow rapidly and require frequent mowing, often every week. Depending on the size of your lawn, this can take a couple of hours each time. 

The cost of maintaining a lawnmower can also add up, with an average annual cost of $200 to $300.

Why Synthetic Grass Doesn’t Need It

Artificial grass never grows, so mowing becomes a task you can permanently cross off your to-do list. This saves you the cost of a lawnmower and frees up valuable time.


With the summer heat, natural grass requires frequent watering, sometimes daily, to avoid going dormant or dying. The time needed varies, but it could be a considerable amount. 

Additionally, the water bill can significantly increase, costing hundreds of dollars over the summer.

Why Synthetic Grass Doesn’t Need It

Artificial grass needs no watering to stay green and lush, sparing you time and drastically reducing your water bills.

Autumn Maintenance of Natural Grass

Besides watering and mowing, natural lawns need the following upkeep in autumn: 

Leaf Removal

During the fall, you’ll spend several hours each week raking and removing leaves to prevent them from smothering your grass and creating ideal conditions for diseases.  The cost isn’t significant if you do it yourself, but it can be time-consuming.

Why Synthetic Grass Doesn’t Need It

While leaves still fall on artificial grass, the clean-up process is much simpler. There’s no risk of disease, so you can clean up at your convenience without damaging your lawn.

Winterizing Fertilizer

Finally, applying a winterizing fertilizer in late fall helps your lawn withstand the winter and come back strong in the spring. Expect to spend another $50 to $100 and a few hours on this task.

Why Synthetic Grass Doesn’t Need It

Winterizing is not necessary for artificial grass. Your lawn will maintain its appearance and integrity through the winter months, with no extra expense or help from an artificial grass expert in Orlando

Winter Maintenance of Natural Grass

While natural lawns usually go dormant in the winter, they still need these upkeep tasks to get through the season:

Preventing and Repairing Snow Mold

In colder regions, snow mold can be a serious issue for natural lawns during the winter. This requires frequent checks throughout the season and potential treatment in the spring, costing between $100 and $200 plus several hours of work.

Why Synthetic Grass Doesn’t Need It

Synthetic turf is impervious to snow mold. It endures winter’s harshest conditions without losing its structural integrity or visual appeal, saving you from the costs and hassles of treatment.

Ice Damage Repair

Repeated freezing and thawing can damage your natural lawn, creating an uneven surface that will require repairs come spring. The cost and time required for this can be substantial, varying greatly depending on the extent of the damage.

Why Synthetic Grass Doesn’t Need It

Artificial pet turf in Orlando is highly durable and can withstand the freeze-thaw cycle without suffering damage. This ensures your lawn remains pristine and ready for use as soon as the weather permits.

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