Pets come with lots of responsibilities, including making sure your home is a fit for your furry pal! Much like a childe, pets deserve a home they can feel comfortable in without worrying about their safety. In some cases, homeowners, pets and landscaping don’t go over well. You can cut back on time spent caring for pets and landscaping real grass when you switch to artificial pet turf for your Orlando home.

5 Common Pet-Related Backyard Issues That Artificial Grass Can Handle

Even trained canines still need to let off steam through play or exercise. They also need to use the potty outdoors. Homeowners have to deal with multiple pet-related problems that come up when pets are left to explore open grounds by themselves.

Let’s explore a few of the most common problems you may encounter to find out how artificial turf can be the answer to all these.

1. Grass Pollen Allergies

Yes, your dog could be allergic to pollen, too. If you’ve noticed human-like allergic reactions, such as sneezing, runny nose, itching and scratching in your pet, they may have it.

Since artificial turf is made of allergen-free material, your pet won’t have to suffer “hot spots” from constant licking and scratching, swollen paws or digestive issues from pollen allergies again.

2. Pet Waste

Dog urine contains nitrogen compounds which cause unsightly yellow burns on real grass. There is too much work that goes into treating these urine patches. Don’t forget the smell that builds up from pet waste, too. They may even dig a hole on your manicured lawn to hide their excrement!

With synthetic grass installation in Orlando, you won’t have grass burn, odors or expensive maintenance. Artificial grass comes with a great drainage system, which ensures pet urine won’t pool on the surface. You can give it a good rinse once in a while to ensure pet waste really washes away for good.

3. Toxins

With dogs so close to the ground, they tend to sniff around and lick parts of their bodies that touch it. Full landscaping with real plants demands fertilizers to grow and chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides, to stay healthy. Synthetic grass is made with non-toxic materials and doesn’t require any chemicals to remain pristine. Pests and insects don’t find turf a livable space, so your dog won’t accidentally ingest poisonous insects or traces of pesticide.

4. Wear and Tear

Whether it’s play or exercise, dogs can cause a ruckus in the backyard. Artificial pet turf in Orlando is made of tear-resistant material that withstands heavy use from both humans and animals alike. Since artificial turf contains different properties than natural ones, dogs don’t take an interest in digging out or pulling on the turf.

5. Weather Woes

Artificial grass is non-slip and weather resistant. With its own drainage system, there are no puddling issues even when it’s raining or when there’s spillover from a water feature in your small backyard. If your dog needs to head out when it’s raining, they won’t track mud inside the house.

When it’s sunny out, your furry pal won’t burn their paws on the grass. Artificial turf doesn’t heat up like hardscaped paving or stone paths, so your pet can use their designated potty corner or go to their doghouse in peace.

Install Pet-Safe Artificial Turf for Peace of Mind

Being a responsible pet owner shouldn’t be stressful, just like your low-maintenance turf. Avoid landscaping issues when you install pet-safe synthetic grass in your Orlando home. Both homeowner and pet can truly enjoy worry-free use of your beautiful backyard.

Whether you’re interested in pet-friendly grass or synthetic putting green installation for your Orlando home, now’s the time to secure your appointment with Orlando Artificial Grass Pros at 866-309-8873!