Got big backyard dreams, but short on space? Synthetic turf can turn even the most compact lawns into a stunning landscape! Better yet, you never have to mow, trim, water or do other backbreaking lawn care chores that real grass requires. Once your artificial grass expert in Orlando is done with the installation, all that’s left is to relax and enjoy your new green space. Get inspired by the following small backyard design ideas!

Make Your Small Yard Look Bigger Using Perspective

Perspective illusions are often seen in art pieces, making small things appear larger to the viewer. An expert landscaper can also make this technique work for a small garden:

• Use Linear Paving – Rather than using squares for paving, try linear paving on your walk path. Have the paving point outwards or where it can lead eyes into the distance. Integrate artificial grass in between the paving to soften the lines.

• Reduce Spaces Between Steppingstones – Another perspective trick is to reduce the spaces between steppingstones as they go farther out in the garden. The reduced spaces trick the eye into seeing a greater distance, especially when the rest of the area is covered with synthetic turf.

• Experiment With Colors – Colors can also help your garden look wider. Plant flowers with intense colors, like red, orange and yellow, at the front of your garden. For the rear area, plant cool colors, like purple, blue and lilac.

To give your garden more depth, paint the fence or the wall with darker colors. You can also use different shades of artificial turf to enhance the effect.

Stone Meets Artificial Grass

If your backyard has square stone tiles, then you’ll only need synthetic grass for this style. There are plenty of stone and artificial grass combinations you can choose from, including:

  • Checkered floors
  • Use artificial grass to fill spaces between square tiles
  • Alternate lines of tiles and artificial grass

Create a Focal Point

Even small yards need to have a star of the show, something that guests would notice first when they see your yard. Some great ideas are:

  • Mini fountain
  • Small statue
  • A group of plants
  • Large boulders
  • Dwarf tree
  • Large vases

For the ultimate focal point, consider upgrading your yard with synthetic putting green installation in Orlando. It’s an all-in-one amenity that enhances your landscape and functions as a social space at the same time.

Create Multi-Functional Green Space

Make the most out of your backyard by sectioning it for different purposes! Dedicate spaces for amenities, like:

  • Mini-golfPutting greens in Orlando can accommodate mini-golf designs for residential use
  • Mini pool – You can go for an inflatable pool, so it can be removed when not in use. Splash pads are a great idea as well!
  • Add games – Bocce ball, ring toss sets and even small obstacle courses are perfect for a turf surface!

Artificial Grass: The Best Option for Small Gardens

Get started on your garden project today with the help of an artificial grass expert in Orlando. Call Orlando Artificial Grass Pros today at 866-309-8873 and learn how you can maximize your garden space while getting the most out of artificial turf!