Tired of seeing your children glued to their gadgets all day, every day? Make your yard the more fun place to be with artificial turf. Synthetic grass is the perfect material to unleash your imagination and turn your basic yard into a play paradise. From backyard putting greens in Orlando to obstacle courses and sports courts, these creative ideas for playgrounds will surely have your kids spending more time outdoors!

5 Great Ideas for Your Kid’s Outdoor Play Space

Artificial grass is the ideal surface for kids to play on. It is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and tough enough to endure even the roughest games. It also looks as green and lush as a natural lawn. Best of all, synthetic turf requires much less maintenance than real grass, making it a stress-free alternative for those who want a beautiful outdoor space with minimal work.

Aside from these amazing advantages, artificial grass is also incredibly versatile. Encourage your children to spend more time outdoors with these fun ideas for your yard:

  1. Putting Greens

Let your little ones swing their way into a hole-in-one with backyard putting greens in Orlando! Add features that will rival pro courses, such as speed breaks, tee boxes, sand traps and more. If you’d like a more casual version of the game, you can also design the ultimate mini-golf course for endless hours of friendly competition.

  1. Mini Gardens

Teach your children the joy of caring for plants and flowers by adding planter boxes to your artificial lawn! Synthetic turf can withstand the weight of fully equipped plant boxes. It comes with a porous backing that can drain away all excess water to ensure a mud-free gardening experience. Let your kids choose and plant their favorite blooms for a colorful garden they can call their own.

  1. Art Walls

Let your kids express their inner artist while keeping your indoor walls free of crayon marks by using a side wall or fence as their canvas. Simply paint this area with outdoor chalkboard paint, bring out their art materials, and encourage them to draw away. Artificial pet turf in Orlando can be cut for a precise fit along your fences and walls, so don’t worry about this feature disturbing your landscape. The beautiful grass will help it blend into your outdoor design.

  1. Obstacle Course and Jungle Gyms

If your kids are the active type, build them their own adventure range right in your backyard! Add slides, tunnels, tires, sandboxes and other exciting challenges to keep them occupied. Since artificial grass is soft and bouncy, you don’t need to worry too much about bruises from trips and falls.

  1. Multi-Sports Court

Artificial grass has long been used for athletic fields, making it a great surface for yard games. Kids will surely have a blast playing football, soccer, baseball and other popular games on the vibrant, synthetic turf!

Make Your Kids’ Dream Playground Come True

There’s almost no limit to what you can do with artificial turf! As your trusted artificial grass expert in Orlando, we’re excited to help you transform your lawn into a place your family will absolutely love. Call us now at 866-309-8873 for more ideas and to get your turf project rolling!