Pool areas can be bustling hotspots, especially during Florida’s sweltering summer months. Foot traffic around this area can be significantly heavy, leading to questions about whether an artificial grass installation in Orlando can handle it. Let’s tackle this head-on and consider the typical damage that natural grass suffers and how artificial grass offers a more robust solution.

Common Foot Traffic Damage in Natural Grass Around Pools

Poolside areas are often subjected to more significant wear and tear, primarily due to foot traffic. Even the most robust natural grass can display several signs of wear over time.

  • Physical Wear: People’s constant movement to and from the pool can trample grass, leading to thinning and dead patches. High-traffic areas, such as the path from the home to the pool, can quickly turn into unsightly dirt trails.
  • Water and Chemical Damage: Pool water, which often contains chlorine and other chemicals, gets splashed onto the surrounding lawn. It can cause discoloration and inhibit growth. Over time, this can result in a patchy and uneven lawn.
  • Soil Erosion: Wet feet or pool tools  can often end up on the grass and topsoil, loosening them and causing erosion over time.
  • Weeds: The combination of sun, water, and high traffic can contribute to a weed problem, as well-worn patches become prime spots for weed growth.

How Artificial Grass Withstands Poolside Traffic

An artificial grass installation in Orlando is thoughtfully designed and created to excel in demanding environments, including pool areas that take a substantial share of foot traffic.

Tough Turf

Unlike natural grass, which can easily wear down and turn into a muddy mess with heavy use, artificial grass is incredibly durable and maintains its integrity even with continuous foot traffic. It springs back into place after being stepped on. Whether it’s a weekday swim or a weekend pool party, your synthetic yard will remain lush and presentable.

Moreover, high-quality artificial grass products come with a robust backing system. It can hold the synthetic blades in place and provides additional longevity to the overall structure.

Water and Chemical Resistance

One of the biggest challenges that natural grass faces around a pool is the water. Especially the chemicals typically found in a pool. Splashes of chlorinated water can scorch natural grass, leaving it patchy and discolored.

Synthetic grass is made of polyethylene or nylon — materials that are impervious to water and chemicals. This means it will not fade or discolor due to chlorinated water exposure.

Erosion Control

Soil erosion can be an unexpected consequence of foot traffic near a pool. Running children, pets, or even adults can inadvertently kick up the soil, leading to an uneven surface and a dirty pool.

Once installed, artificial grass doesn’t shift or erode because it’s securely fastened to a compacted base layer with galvanized stakes or seam tape. This creates a solid surface that won’t degrade over time. Even in heavy rain, your synthetic grass will hold strong, and your pool will remain dirt-free.


Weeds are an unsightly nuisance that can distract from an otherwise pristine pool area. With natural grass, the damp conditions often provide fertile ground for weeds to thrive. However, artificial grass prevents weed growth.

Before laying the synthetic grass, a weed barrier is installed to prevent any existing seeds in the ground from sprouting. Plus, the artificial grass installation in Orlando has a thick, dense surface that leaves no room for opportunistic seeds to penetrate and take root.

Keep Your Poolside Lawn Pristine

Not only can artificial grass withstand the traffic, but it also outperforms natural grass in terms of water and chemical resistance, erosion control, and weed prevention.

When you’re ready to redefine your poolside area with a beautiful, worry-free, and durable surface, reach out to Orlando Artificial Grass Pros. Our team of experts will offer a free consultation to discuss your specific needs. Let us help you transform your poolside area into an attractive, high-traffic-friendly space that augments your enjoyment of Orlando’s sunshine.

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