Your lawn can be a beautiful, lush green carpet of grass or it can be a patchy mess with bare spots. It’s not easy to repair bare spots on a lawn. When it comes down to it, regrowing turf on exposed dirt is difficult. And depending on what caused the bare spot in the first place, you may be stuck with unsightly patches even after you’ve repaired them. Fortunately, you can have a flawless-looking lawn that will never get those unsightly patches with an artificial grass installation in Orlando.

Foot Traffic

One of the most common causes of bald spots on lawns is foot traffic, especially in areas where there are a lot of children or pets. Without proper care, frequent foot traffic can wear down the grass and cause it to die, leaving behind a bald spot in your yard. Artificial grass does not require this kind of maintenance because foot traffic can’t ruin it.

Lawn Activities

Whether you’re hosting a game of football or having a picnic on your lawn, it’ll have some impact on your natural lawn. Any activity that involves heavy use of the space can wear down the grass over time. An artificial grass installation in Orlando won’t develop bare spots when you place heavy things on it. Its fibers might bend, but you can easily fix that by brushing them up.

Chemical Spills

If you spill chemicals or fertilizer on your lawn and they don’t get cleaned up right away, they can cause a lot of damage over time. They can kill the turf and affect the fertility of the soil, leaving behind bare patches.

Artificial grass is immune to spills because it has no organic matter that can die from toxic chemicals. The solution could leave behind strong odors or stubborn residue, but you can easily scrub them off.

Poor Soil Conditions

Soil compaction and other poor soil conditions can cause bald spots in lawns, but artificial grass is immune to them. For example, if the soil is sandy, it won’t be able to hold the water that your lawn needs for healthy growth. When this happens, the grass will start to turn brown and die back. Artificial grass doesn’t have this problem because it doesn’t depend on healthy soil to stay lush and green. It looks great on its own.

Buried Rocks

Rocks in the soil can cause bald spots by limiting the spaces grass roots can grow. This results in thin or inconsistent turf growth. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter for artificial grass if your yard’s soil is filled with rocks. A synthetic putting green installation in Orlando will maintain its great looks regardless of the state of the ground beneath it.


Drought can cause bald spots on lawns. Artificial grass, however, is immune to extreme weather conditions. When the temperature rises and there’s no water, artificial grass continues to thrive while natural grass dies. This gives you a beautiful lawn even in the summer months.

Pet Urine

The acidity of pet urine can cause the grass to turn brown and yellow before eventually killing it. This creates unsightly patches on your lawn. Artificial grass is resistant to pet urine and other acids from your pet’s waste, so it will continue looking lush and green even after your dogs use it as their bathroom area.

Enjoy Flawless Landscaping With the Help of an Artificial Grass Expert in Orlando

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