Golf is a rich man’s sport, not only because of its expansive ground requirements but also due to its costly equipment requirements. To play, you’ll need to commute to a course, buy or rent equipment and pay for the tee time. If you’re an avid golfer looking for a more cost-efficient way to enjoy your favorite sport, you’ll find the perfect solution in a synthetic putting green installation in Orlando!

How Synthetic Putting Greens Helps Save Money in the Long Run

Don’t let the significant upfront cost of artificial grass installation put you off from getting the green of your dreams. These money-saving benefits more than make up for synthetic turf’s initial investment:

  • It eliminates golf fees.
    To get quality tee time at a country club, you need to pay several fees, such as:

    • Country club membership fees
    • Golf equipment rental fees
    • Golf cart rental fees
    • Caddie fees

    While these costs may vary based on the amount of time you spend in the country club, they still amount to a significant sum. Take off these expenses from your tee time budget when you invest in a personal putting green.

  • It saves time.
    With a residential synthetic putting green installation in Orlando, you can hone your skills or just have fun with your favorite sport anytime you want. There’s no need to wait for your day off, commute to the country club and wait for your turn to play golf. Just break out your equipment and take several steps to your personal green!
  • It reduces upkeep-related putting green expenses.
    Maintaining natural grass in golf courses is a tedious undertaking. To achieve a pristine lawn, you’ll need to water, weed, mow and fertilize the turf regularly. Miss any of these upkeep chores, and you’ll have an unkempt green on your hands.Unlike courses covered with natural grass, synthetic grass putting greens in Orlando are easy to maintain. Just keep their surface debris-free, hose them down occasionally, and brush up their grass blade and they’ll stay as beautiful as the day of their installation.
  • It cuts down water bills.
    Unlike natural grass, which needs daily watering to thrive, artificial turf requires little water to stay in top condition. You only need to hose down your synthetic putting greens occasionally. This can minimize your water bills significantly.
  • It lowers equipment maintenance expenditures.
    Since artificial grass doesn’t grow, there’s no need for water sprinkler systems, lawnmowers and other upkeep equipment. You can take off their maintenance and fuel costs from your putting green budget.

Get Your Golf Game on Without Breaking Your Budget

Enjoy the long-term benefits of synthetic grass installation in Orlando. Let Orlando Artificial Grass Pros turn your personal golf course dreams into a reality. Expect nothing less than fast, efficient and error-free installation from our team of seasoned installers. Take your pick from our premium synthetic turf products, which feature exceptional durability, optimal ball roll quality and realistic look and feel.

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