A synthetic putting green installation in Orlando is a great way to add some fun and entertainment into your yard. However, it can be challenging to find ways to decorate the space and make it feel more natural. One way to do this is to plant some flowers or other plants around the perimeter of your green to added color and depth. Here are some creative ideas you can try!

Line your putting green with pots of flowering plants.

First, try outlining the perimeter of your backyard putting green with flowering plants for visual interest. Using pots is a great option because you have a lot of flexibility in terms of what you can grow and how you can arrange them.

Use evergreen shrubs as accents.

Evergreen shrubs are perfect for decorating putting greens because they create a lush, natural look. They also last for many years without any major upkeep or maintenance.

In addition, they’re versatile enough to be used either as the centrepiece of your putting green and surrounding area, or in smaller clusters that provide visual interest when placed around the perimeter.

Use different heights of plants, from ground level up to eye-level, for variety and visual interest.

For instance, place low plants near the edge of your grass installation in Orlando to provide a soft, natural transition from the grass to other landscaped areas. Then, use taller plants in the back to create a sense of depth that reinforces the idea of an enclosed space.

You can also arrange plants in clusters or rows for a cohesive look that is not too chaotic. Or, try creating an eclectic look by placing different types and heights of potted plants next to each other or mixing plant varieties within one type (e.g., succulents, ferns).

Build raised beds with plants of all shapes, sizes and colors.

Raised beds are not only attractive but they’re also easy to maintain. They’re also a fantastic way to showcase your plants and flowers while adding height variation in the landscape for people walking by or playing golf on your green. Raised beds can be made with a variety of materials including wood, stone or even plastic. They’re awesome DIY projects, too!

Include plants that smell nice.

This will make your synthetic putting green installation in Orlando an even more pleasant place to be in! As an example, try planting sweet-smelling roses and peppermint to create a pleasant scent that will help you relax while golfing. Other plants that smell wonderful are lavender, basil and sage.

You might also want to consider plants that create a nice sound while they grow. For example, some of the best kinds for your putting green are bamboos or even cattails which make an interesting hissing noise as they sway in the breeze.

Avoid using too many colors – use one color scheme for your plants and flowers so it doesn’t become overwhelming.

Some popular garden color schemes for putting greens in Orlando are monochromatic, analogous and complementary:

  • A monochromatic color scheme is composed of shades or tints of one hue. When using a monochromatic color scheme in your garden. Use different intensities of that same hue to keep it from becoming too boring. For example, with blue flowers, you may have some that are dark blue and others which are much lighter.
  • An analogous color scheme is created when two or three colors that border each other on the color wheel are used together in a garden, such as red and violet for example.
  • A complementary color scheme is made up of colors from opposite ends of the spectrum for example, red and green. This type of garden can be more challenging than others because it requires you to use different plants.
    Flowers that bloom at different times in order to keep your garden looking nice year-round.

What Else Would You Like to Know About Synthetic Putting Greens?

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