Putting greens in Orlando not only dramatically improves the value of a property but also provides unending entertainment. With the time you spend there improving your game, it’s only right to install upgrades that make the hours worthwhile.

5 Putting Greens Outdoor Features That Improve Your Golfing Experience

These are just some things you can add inside and around your course:

1. Backyard Bar

Playing foursomes? Those waiting for their turn can still have an entertaining time with a backyard bar.

This can be a simple wooden bar cart or a permanent structure with a roof and seats. The advantage of having the latter is you can add a grill and mini-fridge, keeping players from leaving the putting green just to grab something from the kitchen.

To prevent accidental spills on your turf, keep the cart in a covered area or build paved flooring under your permanent bar.

2. Tropical Trees

Palm trees give you the feeling of being on a vacation. Their wide leaves also provide shade on hot days on putting greens in Orlando.

Getting creative with the landscape design is easy since you have over 2,500 varieties to choose from. They also come in different shapes and heights, from potted pygmy palms to single-trunk coconut trees.

Placement is key to creating a balanced design. A double row of trees highlights your putting area, while accent pieces are possible with freestanding clumps.

3. Pond

Having a water feature serves as a focal point that makes your course more visually interesting. A pond also brightens up space, giving it a dynamic look even when no one’s playing.

Add planters, stones or any landscaping material after your synthetic putting green installation in Orlando to create a theme. You can even change its appearance regularly depending on your preference.

But more than just for aesthetics, a pond makes your course extra challenging. Depending on where it’s placed, it can be used as an obstacle that makes putting it less straightforward.

4. Privacy Hedges or Shrubs

If competitive golf fills you with anxiety, then you might benefit from practicing backyard golf in a safe space. Surrounding yourself with plants can help you build the confidence you need for the real game.

Install dense hedges or large shrubs around your course, like bamboo, Leyland cypress or Podocarpus. These grow in dense clumps, keeping prying eyes away from your private tee time.

To avoid overhanging branches, clip them regularly. Also, make sure there’s enough room for the roots to grow without damaging your turf.

5. Raised Patio or Deck

Some golfers perform better with an audience. To give them the best view of the game, add a raised patio or deck beside the putting green.

The extra space also serves as your primary outdoor entertainment area, preventing guests from stepping on your turf unnecessarily. Add seats and an awning or roof to keep everyone comfortable throughout the game.

Enhance Your Golf Course With These Outdoor Features

Your putting green doesn’t have to be a plain old tee box. Personalize it to fit your design preferences and match the needs of every golfer. This way, you’ll be more energized to play.

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