Florida’s rainy climate means dealing with some frustrating problems that come with keeping pets on a natural grass lawn. Muddy paw prints traipsed indoors, patches of sod torn up by play, and standing water make clean-up a chore and leave your yard looking messy. Installing artificial grass for pets can solve this issue and more, virtually overnight.

Pesky Mud Problems Solved

During Central Florida’s long rainy season from June to October, heavy thunderstorms quickly turn grass lawns into mud pits. As your dogs romp and dig, they churn grass and soil into dirty, soupy messes. Muddy paw prints are tracked everywhere, dirtying floors and furniture. Saturated ground leaves big ruts as paws scramble for traction. Drainage issues cause annoying puddles and standing water. Natural processes of soil compaction worsen these problems year after year.

Artificial turf stands up much better to life with dogs. Its permeable backing and infill materials allow rainwater to drain vertically instead of pooling on the surface. Durable synthetic grass blades spring back instead of getting torn up in rougher play. With artificial grass, you can say goodbye to constantly battling mud and mess.

Pet-Friendly Durability

An artificial lawn designed specifically for pets brings ideal qualities for safe outdoor play. The synthetic grass blades have antimicrobial protection to inhibit bacterial growth. A dense pile with partially concealed infill provides cushioning for falls and tumbles. 

Since it’s not actually grass, your dogs can dig until their hearts’ content without destroying the lawn. For chewing concerns, reputable artificial grass manufacturers use only nontoxic, lead-free materials. 

Low Maintenance

Caring for a natural lawn in Florida’s climate takes considerable effort and expense. Regular mowing, aerating, dethatching, fertilizer spreading, and sprinkler running keep grass healthy enough to withstand heavy use. 

There’s also the aforementioned mud mitigation efforts. However, artificial grass needs little upkeep – a quick rinse periodically removes dust, dirt, or waste. No watering or mowing required! High-quality synthetic grass is warrantied to retain its fresh appearance for over a decade. 

Give Your Pups a Clean Place to Play

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