The key to improving your golf game is practice, but not everyone has the time or opportunity to play at the course. That is why nothing serves golf enthusiasts like having their personal backyard putting green. Synthetic putting greens in Orlando offer the next best thing to practicing at the driving range. They provide a realistic playing surface that can be enhanced with challenging features —all in the comfort of your home!

5 Advantages of Owning a Home Putting Green

Transform your basic lawn into a golfer’s dream with artificial grass! The benefits of a synthetic backyard putting green include:

1. Practice at your leisure.

Synthetic greens allow you to practice anytime you want. You can get in a few swings before work or relax at the end of the day by sinking a few holes. There’s no more need to dress up and drive for miles just to play at the golf club. When you have your own putting green, all it takes is a step outside whenever you want to practice your chips and putts.

2. Don’t worry about maintenance.

A natural putting green requires a lot of work to maintain. You need to mow, fertilize and water it to keep the grass alive. You also have to keep it at a certain height to get the right ball roll. The best artificial grass installation in Orlando eliminates all these tedious upkeep tasks. Artificial putting greens can be designed exactly as you want it, and it will stay that way with very little care.

3. Expect long-term durability.

The force behind golf swings and constant foot traffic can be hard on real grass. Before long, you’ll start seeing dips and holes in your yard. These don’t just bring down your game. They also make your lawn look unsightly and dangerous to spend time in.

Synthetic putting greens in Orlando are designed to withstand the toughest golf swings and high amounts of foot traffic without sustaining damage. With proper care, you can enjoy your artificial putting green for many years after its installation.

4. Enjoy realistic course performance.

To become a pro at golf, you need a pro-level putting surface. Top-quality putting green grass mimics natural conditions and optimum ball roll for practicing your short game. Your local installers can even design it with slopes and other customizations to make it function even more like the fairway.

5. Play like the experts.

Artificial putting greens aren’t just for amateurs. Golf legends like Paul Casey and celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson enjoy practicing their shots on synthetic turf. They love how artificial putting greens accept pitch shots realistically, roll true and look as beautiful as a real range.

Welcome to a True Golf Experience in Your Backyard

Dedicated golfers know the value of practicing every chance they get. Develop your skills and have fun anytime you want with a backyard putting green! Find the finest synthetic putting green installation near me here at Orlando Artificial Grass Pros. For questions about artificial grass or to get a FREE quote, call us at 866-309-8873 today!