Mowing your lawn can feel like a never-ending chore – and it is! You spend your weekends sweating in the sun, pushing the mower back and forth across your yard. Just when you finish, you have to start all over again next week. Add the Orlando heat and you have a miserable task that will always be there as long as you have natural grass. Artificial grass installation in Orlando can take that task off your hands forever. Before we get into that awesome stuff, let’s talk about what makes mowing such a hassle.

Waste of Time and Energy

This is a big one, if not the biggest reason to make the switch to synthetic grass installation in Orlando. Mowing is a black hole of effort, money, and time. And it’s much less fun when you’re forced to sacrifice your precious free time.

It’s also complicated. You have to drag the lawn mower out of the garage, fill it with gas, and spend hours pushing it around your yard. Then you have to bag up the grass clippings and dispose of them. And for what? A lawn that starts growing back the moment you’re done.


Mowing isn’t just a hassle – it’s also bad for the environment in several ways. For instance, gas-powered mowers are a huge source of air pollution. Even electric mowers still generate carbon emissions from the manufacturing process.

Mowers also contribute to noise pollution, and all those clippings have to go somewhere, and that’s your local landfill.

Finally, every chemical you use to maintain your lawn also damages your surroundings. Pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers can contaminate your community’s water supply and negatively impact local ecosystems.

Kicks Up Pollen and Allergens

Grass pollen is the most common allergen not just for people, but for dogs, too. When you mow your lawn, it kicks up pollen and allergens that can cause respiratory issues.

It gets even worse during the spring, aka allergy season. This is the season when the pollen count is the highest. It makes your yard unsafe for allergy sufferers, especially those with severe allergies.

Never Stops as Long as You Have a Natural Lawn

Lastly, there’s no end in sight! As long as you keep that real grass, you’ll need to mow it. You can’t stop or your lawn will soon be overrun with both grass and weeds. That comes with its own set of problems, such as an eyesore of a lawn and potential pest infestations.

Never Mow Again with Artificial Grass!

Turn your yard from a headache to a paradise with synthetic turf! Artificial grass installation can make all of those problems disappear basically overnight. In place of an overgrown lawn, what you get is a beautiful, green space that’s safe for you and everyone you love.

If you’re not sure where to start, how about a FREE consultation with an artificial grass expert in Orlando?

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