We Florida residents are lucky to have beautiful, sunny weather most of the year. Unfortunately, that’s bad news for our lawns. For instance, brown and patchy yards are a common sight throughout Florida. Because of this, many homeowners are choosing synthetic grass installation in Orlando to combat the effects of weather on their lawns.

How Artificial Grass Protects Lawns from Changing Seasons

  • ● Winter

    Winter is a rare occurrence in the Sunshine State, but isn’t it nice to know your lawn is basically impervious to any unforeseen winter weather events?

    Winter care for synthetic turf basically consists of enjoying hot chocolate by a warm fire. In other words, there’s not much to do. Let the cold’ come and enjoy your lawn without worrying about what a change in temperature could mean.

  • ● Spring

    Once spring arrives, it gets even better. For instance, there’s no mud or weeds to deal with. No need to reseed or resod your lawn either. Once the weather is nice, you can use your synthetic lawn immediately.

  • ● Summer

    The most common problem for Orlando yards during summer are dead and dying grass. Sometimes, the heat is just too much for the ground to even retain its moisture. So, either you let your lawn go or be prepared to spend a lot of money on watering it.

    But with artificial grass for putting greens and Orlando yards? Your summer yard maintenance just became stress free. Hosted too many backyard parties? Hose down your synthetic turf and invite your family and friends for more! Turf fibers looking a little stamped down? Give it a quick brush and go back to relaxing the summer away.

    And if you want to double the fun, invest in synthetic putting green installation in Orlando and golf the sunny days away.

  • ● Fall

    As the fall season comes in, so do the bugs and critters that feed on decaying things. And while your neighbors are dealing with clearing off clippings, applying pesticides and weedicides and other fall grass care tasks, you don’t have to do any of those things.

    For instance, simply pick up dead leaves and other debris that may have come to your lawn from other yards. Got a couple of stubborn weeds peeking through the turf backing? Just pull them out! You won’t have a bug problem either, because pests and insects can’t survive on artificial grass.

Artificial Grass Keeps Your Yard Beautiful All Year!

One of the best things about artificial grass is how consistently beautiful it stays no matter the season. In addition, it will retain its low-maintenance nature all year long. Learn more about synthetic grass installation in Orlando or get started with your project! Call Orlando Artificial Grass Pros today at 866-309-8873 or send us a message here.