Artificial putting greens in Orlando offer a fun way to bring friends and family together. Play a game or two with guests while waiting for delicious summer barbeques. Practice your swing or get your kids into golf by teeing off over the weekend. Enjoy all these benefits with an excellent synthetic putting green installation. Make sure the project goes without a hitch by keeping these simple dos and don’ts in mind!

3 Dos for Successful Putting Green Installation

If you chose a reliable installer, then you won’t have to worry about a thing. However, they will be asking for your input throughout the project, as you’ll be the one who’ll be using the putting green. Do the following:

1. Do place your green somewhere close to the house.

Incorporate your new putting green into an area you frequently use. Synthetic putting greens have a fantastic social element, making them ideal for patios and other spots you use for entertaining guests. Avoid placing it near parked cars, close to windows or in children’s play areas to prevent accidents from heavy golf balls and forceful swings.

2. Do make it challenging.

Putting green grass installation in Orlando opens endless customizations for your putting green. A flat, one-hole strip can get boring fast, so step up the challenge with mounds, undulations, sandtraps and more holes. Your installer will be more than happy to bring your ideas to life, so don’t hesitate to share your vision with them.

3. Do personalize it.

Aside from adding your preferred features, you can personalize your green further. Add signs and flags with your family name on it, incorporate your favorite colors or get bespoke tee markers. Such customizations will make your putting green unique, so have fun with it!

3 Don’ts When It Comes to Putting Green Installations

On the other hand,      there are several things you should not do to keep your putting green trouble-free. Remember the following:

1. Don’t use natural grass.

Even the most straightforward golf features like slopes are hard to mow and water if you have live grass. Manufacturers design artificial grass putting greens to provide an even surface that supports putting. You won’t have to spend a dime on professional lawn maintenance because synthetic turf upkeep only involves rinsing, brushing and picking up debris.

2. Don’t forget landscape lighting.

The beauty of having a personal putting green is that you can play whenever you want, for as long as you like. Unfortunately, you may not always have time to do so during the daytime due to work and other responsibilities. Adding landscape lighting to your green will allow you to play after hours.

3. Don’t worry if you have pets.

Synthetic putting green installation in Orlando is incredibly pet-friendly. Did your dog use your green as a bathroom? Don’t panic. The turf will drain moisture and you can rinse the spot with soapy water to get odors out. Don’t worry about your dog damaging your green as well. Artificial grass is durable enough to withstand even the most playful canines!

Backyard Putting Greens for All Types of Golfer

Backyard putting greens in Orlando isn’t just for professional golfers. They’re for anyone who enjoys the game, whether for fun or competition. Orlando Artificial Grass Pros offers a free assessment for residential putting greens, so call us today at 866-309-8873!