It’s fun to play a short game on a putting green, but repairing the damage after rounds can be a hassle. Foot traffic, the impact of golf swings, and ball friction can damage natural turf and affect its playability. This could put a damper on short games because you’ll always have to spend time repairing the damage afterward. Fortunately, you can avoid all that if you have a low-maintenance synthetic putting green installation in Orlando.

Artificial grass for golf is extremely durable, so it’s impervious to the following forms of golf turf damage:

Ball Marks

Ball marks are dents in the grass that form when golf balls hit the green, usually from overhead shots. They can make the putting surface inconsistent, making it difficult to gauge shots.

Artificial grass counters this with its dense, tightly woven polyethylene fibers that help it resist impact damage. In short, you can practice tee shots, approach shots and other tricks that bounce the ball off the surface without any worries.


Unlike ball marks, which usually only affect the turf, divots tend to leave deep craters on the dirt. The depth of this damage depends on how frequently balls hit the ground and with how much force.

A synthetic putting green installation in Orlando won’t form divots because it can withstand impact damage. It’s also water resistant and has great drainage, so it doesn’t get soft and muddy when it rains. Those conditions usually make natural turf more likely to form divots.

Upturned Turf

Upturned turf happens when your swing kicks up turf from the ground. You can usually pat down the turf so it looks normal again. However, if you tear up the turf in the same spot multiple times, it can weaken the grass and result in thin patches that are hard to play on.

Artificial grass won’t have this issue because its fibers are tightly woven together. So even if you swing aggressively at it with your clubs, you won’t damage or tear it off the ground.

Flat or Broken Grass Blades

Foot traffic and short games will not only bend and break the grass blades of natural putting greens in Orlando. They will also compact the soil underfoot. This makes it difficult for grass roots to absorb water and nutrients from the soil. That can weaken the grass and further ruin the playability of the course.

In contrast, artificial grass blades spring up again once the weight of the ball or the impact of the swing is gone from their surface. While the turf in frequently used areas might bend over time, that’s easy to fix. All you need to do is brush it to make them stand upright again.

Enjoy Hassle-Free Short Games With an Artificial Grass Installation in Orlando

Here at Orlando Artificial Grass Pros, we can help you design the perfect repair-free putting green with our premium synthetic golf turf. Our team can set up your installation in just a few days, depending on its size and design, so you can play short games in no time.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about the benefits of synthetic golf turf, we’d be happy to help. Just fill out our contact form.