Putting green installation in Florida has become a favorite among golfers looking to level up their skills. No time to hit the links? Just step out of your backyard and start swinging. And unlike putting mats, you can customize an artificial putting green to your specifications. Consider adding these features to your design:

1. Slope It Up

Flat putting greens are great for beginners, but they don’t translate well to the real-world challenges of a golf course. Adding subtle slopes or breaks can significantly increase the difficulty. You’ll need to learn to read the greens, adjust your aim, and fine-tune your putting stroke. Already got natural slopes or hilly areas in your backyard? Fantastic – we can use those for your new putting green.

2. Hazard Zone

Sand bunkers or minor water hazards strategically placed around your green can exponentially increase the challenge. Practice those tricky escape shots from the sand or overcome the mental hurdle of putting near water. Your chipping skills will benefit too. 

Water hazards and sand bunkers require a bit more space, so they work better with bigger yards. Don’t worry, though. Our team can check your yard’s current layout and see where we can place a small hazard or two.

3. Mix Up Hole Locations

Don’t let those cup placements get too comfortable. Adding multiple holes allows you to switch it up. Experiment with longer putts, tricky angles, and more brutal breaks to force yourself to adapt each time you step on the green.

4. Fake Rough

Add a fringe around a putting grass installation in Orlando with slightly longer artificial grass to simulate the “rough” found on courses. Those delicate chip shots around the green will demand better short-game control and the ability to judge how much power to use. We can use different types of artificial grass with varying pile heights to achieve this.

5. Get Creative with Undulations

Undulating greens are the ultimate test of a golfer’s putting prowess. Subtle rolls and dips throughout the surface add complexity to every read and every putt. Experiment with different shapes and inclines to keep your practice sessions fresh and exciting.

Challenge Yourself, Master Your Game

If you’re interested in an outdoor putting green and adding these elements, Orlando Artificial Grass Pros can make it happen. Our experts will customize your putting green installation based on your skill level and the challenges you want to master. Call 408-317-0931 or message Orlando Artificial Grass Pros for a free consultation and a project quote.