Dealing with Florida’s hot summers, drenching thunderstorms, and occasional cold snaps can quickly turn your lawn into a muddy mess. Natural grass simply can’t withstand this diverse array of weather conditions. Artificial turf, on the other hand, is specifically designed to provide durable, vibrant, all-weather performance.

Superior Drainage Prevents Water-Logging and Mud

Artificial grass blades are perforated to allow rainwater to quickly drain through the turf and into the gravel and sand base below. This prevents any water-logging, even during Orlando’s intense thunderstorms. 

Without proper drainage, natural grass lawns turn muddy whenever more than a couple inches of rain falls. But well-installed artificial turf allows you to enjoy your lawn just minutes after the storm passes. Kids and pets can resume playing without trudging through mud or waiting for grass to dry.

UV-Resistant Fibers Maintain Vibrant Color

The sunlight intensity in Central Florida can fade and dry out natural grass, turning it an unsightly brownish-yellow. Artificial grass blades, however, are constructed from UV-resistant polyethylene and polypropylene. 

These durable synthetic fibers retain their vibrant green hues even after years of exposure to harsh UV rays. Your artificial lawn will keep its just-installed appearance regardless of how hot the summer sun beats down.

Stands Up to Heavy Rains and Storms

Tropical storms and hurricanes occur somewhat frequently in Central Florida. Their high winds and torrential rains easily destroy delicate blades of natural grass. But artificial turf systems are engineered to withstand even extreme weather events. 

The perforated turf allows quick drainage while its durable backing keeps the entire system firmly in place, even against gale-force winds. While occasional debris may need to be cleared off, the synthetic blades themselves will be completely unharmed following the storm. Your artificial lawn will provide a bright spot amongst any property damage from intense weather.

Mitigates Heat Absorption in Sunny Climates

One common concern in hot Southern climates is that dark synthetic turf may become uncomfortably hot for bare feet or pets’ paws during the peak heat of summer days. Indeed, earlier generations of artificial grass did absorb and radiate a lot of heat. 

However, the latest technologies incorporate heat-reflective pigments and coatings. These ingredients, similar to those used on spacecraft, dramatically reduce solar heat absorption while still retaining a rich green color. So modern turf stays pleasantly cool to the touch even during Orlando’s hottest weather.

Get in Touch for More Guidance Selecting Artificial Grass

As you can see, today’s artificial grass stands up admirably to all types of weather, from heavy storms to the dog days of summer. You can enjoy rich, true-to-life turf year-round. If you would like to further discuss artificial grass options for your Central Florida property, contact our team at Orlando Artificial Grass Pros.

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