Want to add a fun amenity to your commercial park? Consider synthetic putting green installation in Orlando. It will give new and frequent park goers something exciting to do during their visits. It’s also a great way to spice up your landscape while cutting down on maintenance and improving safety.

Why Synthetic Putting Greens are Perfect for Parks

Synthetic putting greens are an investment not just for the park itself but also for visitors:

    • Encourage Guests to Socialize

      Golf is a flexible sport outside of official competitions. The rules are what its players decide on. So, while golf is a one-on-one sport, that doesn’t mean that groups can’t enjoy a park putting green. They can play the traditional way (one-on-one) or form teams if there are many people in their group.

      Don’t worry about your solo park goers! They can enjoy the putting green on their own or use the amenity to socialize with other visitors.


    • Welcome Golfers to Your Park

      Meanwhile, if you have park goers who are avid golfers, a putting green can help them cut down on tee time costs. It will let them play their favorite sport without paying for a membership and rental fees.


    • Create Putting Green Events

      Finally, synthetic putting green installation in Orlando is great for park events. Schedule regular games or offer golf lessons for people who want to learn the sport. If you provide park rental services, you can add exclusive use of the amenity to your services.


Benefits of Artificial Grass for Commercial Parks

Artificial grass installation in Orlando offers a lot of benefits that a natural one can’t match. For instance, installers can place it anywhere in your park, such as beside a pond or near a pavilion. Other advantages include:

    • Easy Maintenance

      Artificial grass doesn’t need daily watering and fertile soil to stay healthy. You just need to keep it clean. First, remove dirt and debris from its surface. Use a soap and water solution to wash off spills, then rinse the affected area.


    • Incredible Durability

      High foot traffic and the impact of putts can’t damage synthetic turf. So you don’t need to close your putting green for park goers. Its most used areas can get matted over time, but don’t worry. Just brush up the synthetic grass blades and they’ll look good as new.


    • Looks and Feels Like Natural Grass

      Artificial grass looks and feels so realistic, most people find it hard to tell it apart from the real thing. So you don’t have to worry about it looking out of place in your park. In fact, it’s now one of the most popular materials for outdoor landscaping, not just for Orlando parks, but for other facilities like event venues, schools and more.


Get Started with Your Project

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