Many pet owners choose artificial grass installation in Orlando because it is 100% pet friendly. Not only does artificial turf stay green all year long, but it is also very easy to maintain. Artificial grass is growing more and more popular with pet owners. If you are new to artificial grass, here are some benefits you simply can’t ignore.

Why Artificial Pet Turf is a Good Choice for Pets

Listed below are some of the key benefits of artificial grass enjoyed by both pets and pet owners.

Artificial grass is resistant to pet urine

Pet pee usually has high PH levels. This could burn or discolor natural grass. Worse, pet urine could also kill natural grass and leave bald patches on a natural grass lawn. Fortunately, artificial pet turf in Orlando is resistant to pet urine.

Unwanted smells also develop from pet urine on natural grass and soil. With artificial grass, there’s no need to worry about pet urine smell. Artificial turf has a permeable base that allows pet urine and other liquids to pass through with ease. Simply hose down the turf with water and occasionally apply soapy water to keep the unwanted smell away.

No more muddy mess

Whenever it rains or after watering a natural grass lawn, it is inevitable for mud puddles to form. This results in the need to quarantine your pets inside the house until the mud puddles to dry up.

Sadly, pets may eventually find a way to get out and play on the muddy lawn and make a mess when they enter the house with muddy paws. Worse, your pet dog would even roll in the mud too. Just imagine how much cleaning up the house will need.

Luckily, artificial pet turf in Orlando stays mud-free. No more cleaning muddy paws. Best of all, no more cleaning muddy paw prints inside the house too.

No more digging disasters

Whatever your pet is, it simply will not be able to dig through artificial grass. The fibers and backing of artificial turf can withstand the force of scratching and digging.

Unlike natural grass lawns, artificial turf’s surface stays even and beautiful even when you have pets. This makes synthetic installation in Orlando perfect for golfers who also happen to be pet owners. Pets simply can’t destroy synthetic grass.

Artificial grass is comfortable

Pets love comfortably lying down after a tiring day of play. Thankfully, artificial grass offers the same comfort as natural grass without the hassle. Pet owners can even get softer and more comfortable turfs depending on the material, pile height and pile density of the turf.

Keep Pets Happy and Pet Owners Happier

Give your pets the best play environment without worrying that they will destroy your lawn. Whatever pets do, stay worry-free because artificial grass stays beautiful and copes with pet habits. The simplified lawn maintenance that comes with artificial turf makes it an excellent choice for both pet and pet owner.