It’s no secret that natural grass doesn’t always fare well under the sun. And it doesn’t matter if you do everything in your power to keep it healthy. It can still end up looking like a dry, yellow field as summer progresses. The great news is that you can enjoy all the perks of having a great lawn minus the lawn stress. All you need to do is get help from an artificial grass expert in Orlando.

What Are the Symptoms of Summer Lawn Stress?

Lawn stress is a common problem in the summertime. Is your lawn looking a little worse for wear? Here are some symptoms of lawn stress that could be affecting your grass:

Bare Spots and Dead Grass

If you have bare spots or dead patches of grass in your yard, they might be because of summer lawn stress. When the weather gets warmer, your grass may need more water or fertilizer to deal with the heat. If you don’t give it what it needs, then it will die out. This leaves you with a patch of dead grass in your yard.

Uneven Turf Color

When summer rolls around, your grass needs more water to thrive due to the heat. Otherwise, some of its areas can grow thin and unhealthy until they die off completely. The turf areas that don’t get enough moisture or nutrients usually fade or turn yellow or brown. It’s not uncommon to see uneven turf color throughout your yard.

Dry or Brittle Turf

If the grass on your lawn is starting to look dry, brittle and thin, it’s probably suffering from summer stress. This happens when the grass is exposed to too much heat or sun for too long. It just doesn’t have enough water or nutrients left in it to keep itself healthy.

Weed Infestations

If weeds have always been an issue but suddenly seem to be popping up everywhere this year? That might have something to do with the heat as well. As hot weather dries out the soil around them, weeds are able to grow faster than usual and take over more territory in your yard.

Pest Problems

If you’ve noticed more than usual pests in your yard—like ants or grubs—it could be that they’re having a field day because of your stressed-out lawn. Hotter temperatures can draw them out of their nests and into your yard where they can feast on the weakened grass.

How Does Artificial Grass Eliminate Summer Lawn Stress?

Why spend hours on end taking care of grass when you can relax and have fun on your lawn instead? You just have to eliminate summer lawn stress altogether by installing synthetic turf with the help of an artificial grass expert in Orlando.

Has UV Protection

Artificial grass has UV protection, so it won’t fade or die when it’s always in direct sunlight. Even if you live in an area where the sun shines all day long or if your yard faces due south, artificial grass will still look great.

Doesn’t Need Water

Unlike natural grass, which needs water to survive, artificial grass stays lush and green even if it doesn’t get any water. There’s no risk of it getting dehydrated, turning brittle and dying no matter how hot summer days get.

Doesn’t Need Nutrients From the Soil

Artificial pet turf in Orlando does not require nutrients from the soil to grow. You don’t have to worry about fertilizing your lawn in order for it to thrive throughout the summer months. This also comes with the advantage of keeping weeds from growing in your yard because they won’t benefit from any fertilizer.

Prevents Weed Growth

Artificial grass also won’t let weeds take root in your yard. Since they can’t break through artificial turf, weeds are unable to spread and cause damage. They can grow through the edges of artificial turf installations, but they’re easy to pull out and manage.

Repels Pests

Artificial turf doesn’t attract insects and other pests no matter what the season because it doesn’t offer them any food or shelter. Even if the summer heat draws out pests from the soil, these critters won’t stay long because they can’t get anything from synthetic lawns.

Enjoy a Summer-Proof Lawn With a Synthetic Putting Green Installation in Orlando

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