UV stabilization is a process that protects synthetic turf from UV rays. The quality of many materials causes to fade and degrade when exposed to UV rays.

If you’ve ever had your carpet or couch fade after sitting next to a window for a few years, you’ve seen what happens when a material has no protection from UV rays.

Synthetic putting green installation in Orlando is no different. If green has no protection, it can turn yellow over time, leaving you with a faded putting surface that doesn’t look realistic, and might even impact your game due to the accelerated wear on the material.

To prevent this, top-quality putting greens undergo UV treatment to protect them against the harsh effects of the sun.

What Are UV Rays and Why Are They Harmful to Artificial Grass?

UV rays (ultraviolet rays) are a type of radiation with a wavelength shorter than that of visible light. They are the main reason for sunburns and skin cancer because they damage the DNA of human cells. They can also damage a synthetic putting green installation in Orlando.

Most artificial turf products used outdoors are made from special plastic materials. The plastic is made from long chains of molecules called polymers. When these polymers are exposed to sunlight, their chemical bonds break down. This means that UV rays cause artificial grass to fade, lose its vibrant color, become brittle and even melt.

Therefore it’s very important to protect acrylic artificial lawns with a special process known as UV stabilization.

What is UV Stabilization?

Ultraviolet stabilization (UV stabilization) is a method for slowing down the rate at which plastic products degrade when exposed to UV light.

On artificial turf, it works as a protective layer on top of the fibers or backing materials. It doesn’t block out the UV rays completely but slows down the rate at which they affect the materials underneath.

What Are the Benefits of UV-Stabilized Artificial Grass?

Eliminates Fading

The sun’s ultraviolet rays are very powerful and can quickly cause fading on unprotected surfaces.

Artificial grass that is not protected from the sun will fade much faster than natural grass and can even become discolored in some areas as it fades unevenly.

This process is slowed or eliminated when using UV stabilized fibers. The end result is a vibrant putting green that will look like new for years to come.

Reduces Heat Absorption

An artificial grass installation in Orlando can get warm in direct sunlight, especially during the summer months.

The fibers on UV-stabilized putting greens absorb less heat than other types of artificial turf, making them more comfortable for walking and playing on even during the summer months.

Prevents Breakage

A golf ball striking a hole on an artificial putting green may not be as hard as a strike from a tee box or fairway, but it does take its toll overtime on the fibers of the synthetic turf.

By using UV-stabilized artificial grass for their putting greens, golfers can rest assured that their putting green will hold up over countless rounds of putts.

Make Sure Your Putting Green Stands the Test of Time

Whether you’re building a golf course, mini-golf course or even backyard putting greens in Orlando, it’s important to choose the best possible materials for the project.

This is key for an artificial putting green that delivers fantastic performance and beauty that never fades.

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