You can never go wrong with going synthetic for your commercial grass installation in Orlando. Unlike the real thing, artificial turf is tough, hypoallergenic, non-slip, pest-free and a breeze to maintain.

On top of that, installers can fit artificial grass on various surfaces like soil, wood, cement and more. They can also cut and alter it to fit on spaces of all shapes and sizes. That means nothing’s stopping you from designing a stunning lawn that’s great for your bottom line and guests.

Finally, artificial grass can improve any commercial landscape. In this article, we’re sharing a few design ideas perfect for malls and parks, sports facilities and pet amenities!

Synthetic Grass Lawn Trends for Malls and Parks

High-quality turf doesn’t look like fake grass at all and people find comfort in the natural color which offsets the hardscapes of malls and parks. Channel the benefits of synthetic grass with these ideas:

• Give landscape layers a stylish twist 

If your shopping center has huge outdoor areas that have several levels (like stairs), you can spruce it up with synthetic turf. Use artificial grass of different shades and pile heights to give the lawns a unique look. For instance, install the lightest one on the top and install darker hues going down the layers to achieve a gradient effect!

• Achieve a lush, customized lawn 

Nothing makes parks more inviting than with a lush lawn, so it’s no wonder it remains a top trend. It’s the perfect spot for having picnics, playing games, walking dogs or even just relaxing.

Artificial grass makes it even better with its soft fibers, healthy color and pristine surface. You won’t find any bald spots or rough patches once your artificial grass expert in Orlando is done with the installation. You can even add a playground on synthetic turf since it’s an excellent playground surfacing. Add trees, plants and flowers to the landscape and you’re sure to keep people visiting your park.

Synthetic Lawn Trends for Sports Facilities

Artificial turf is as good as natural grass in sports fields, minus the tedious and costly maintenance. So, it’s no wonder it’s becoming a popular alternative to the real thing in sports facilities like putting greens. Here are some trends that you can follow to level up your amenities:

Style it up with asymmetry 

While you can’t alter the dimensions of some sports fields, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with their edge design. Employ asymmetry to add more flair to their borders. Use synthetic turf that’s a shade lighter or darker than the one you used for the sports field to differentiate the edging.

Meanwhile, if you’re investing in a synthetic putting green installation in Orlando, which has no definite layout, you can use asymmetry for variety or go with a free-form design.

Go as green as possible 

Because of global warming, more and more people are choosing environmentally friendly options. Using synthetic turf instead of natural grass for your sports facilities will help you reach this demographic. After all, artificial grass doesn’t need toxic chemicals that can harm the environment to stay in top condition.

Artificial Turf Lawn Trends for Pet Amenities

Pets and pet owners alike love synthetic grass. It’s paw-friendly, non-toxic and doesn’t have pollen, so it’s safe for dogs with grass allergies. These landscape features will make your facility both pet-friendly and beautiful:

Get tails wagging with fun dog parks

Nothing makes a canine happier than a huge open space to run and play on. As a result, you can’t go wrong with a dog park covered in artificial grass in Orlando, Florida. You can spice up your lawn with a challenging obstacle course or a fun pet playground. No need to worry about damage, because synthetic turf can accommodate heavy items without any issues.

Treat pooches to posh swimming pools 

Swimming and wading pools for dogs are in-demand pet amenities, especially in the summer months. A synthetic grass installation can make them even better as a pool surround. For one, the vibrant green turf really pops beside water amenities. It also reduces the risk of slips because it doesn’t get slippery when wet.

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