If you’re a golfer, a synthetic putting green Orlando has obvious benefits— the best way to get better at it is to practice and a backyard putting green means you can do it anytime you want.

But if you’re not a huge fan of the sport or you only enjoy it casually, you may be wondering what else this investment has for you. As many Orlando homeowners have already discovered, however, an artificial putting green is a fantastic addition whether you’re a golfer or not.

  • 1. An artificial putting green makes your backyard easier to maintain.

    A synthetic putting green equals one less area of natural grass to take care of. You’ll never need to mow, water, cut or reseed a putting green made of synthetic turf. In fact, many of our clients chose to cover the rest of their yards with artificial grass once they realize how extremely low-maintenance it is.

    As for the actual maintenance process, hose down the surface if it gets too dirty, give it a good brush a couple of times a year and pick up debris like fallen leaves and trash to keep the surface clean.

  • 2. A backyard putting green can increase the value of your home.

    In addition to reducing backyard upkeep, putting greens in Orlando can increase the value of your property. One, it adds terrific curb appeal, which is something that many buyers look for.

    In addition, it turns the yard into a multi-functional space. If you love to entertain, for instance, playing a few rounds is a great way for everyone to bond and have fun together. In other words, a putting green can make your property stand out in the real estate market should you ever decide to sell in the future.

  • 3. Artificial putting greens can turn your backyard from average to breathtaking.

    Synthetic turf looks perfect no matter what. It doesn’t turn brown and wither, develop bare patches or develop holes and worn-out paths. Because of this, artificial putting greens are often the highlight of most backyards they’re installed in.

  • 4. Save money when you install a backyard putting green.

    Given the costs of putting green installation, the fact that it can save you money may come as a surprise. It actually pays for itself in a short amount of time. For example, it gets rid of most expenses associated with lawn care. No more expensive water bills, no more paying for lawn treatment and if you also pay for service, you can finally scratch that off your budget.

  • 5. Synthetic putting greens makes your lawn safer and more accessible.

    Finally, artificial grass putting greens can also make your lawn safer and more welcoming in several ways:

    • Hypoallergenic fibers don’t produce allergy-triggering pollen
    • High-quality artificial grass is non-toxic and lead-free
    • It won’t develop common trip hazards like depressions and slopes
    • Artificial turf turns your lawn into a pest-free and weed-free space

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