Tenants of apartment complexes spend a lot of time outside, especially on the weekends. So why not make these areas more enjoyable with synthetic grass? From pet areas to playgrounds and even sitting spaces for tenants, there are many ways grass installation in Orlando can benefit everyone living at your property.

Here are some of the top areas that synthetic grass works best for:

1. Pet areas 

A dog park is one of the best amenities you can offer to your tenants. However, dogs and natural grass simply don’t mix. Dogs tend to dig, chew and urinate on real grass and the result is a muddy, smelly mess. Synthetic grass solves this problem and provides a cleaner space for pets to play in.

2. Sidewalks 

If you have sidewalks in and around your complex, they are probably already destroyed from all of the foot traffic that has been walking on them for years. 

Replacing these with artificial turf will give tenants a much more comfortable and attractive walking space and it won’t be as difficult to replace as concrete.

3. Playground surfacing

Most apartment complexes have a playground area for children. These spaces can also benefit from synthetic grass because it makes them clean and safe! 

No more worrying about kids falling on dirt or playing in puddles of water, which means they’re free to play without having to wear proper shoes all the time. 

Additionally, synthetic grass is more shock-absorbent than the real thing. This means that kids playing on it are much less likely to get hurt if they fall off playground equipment.

4. Pool Area 

Have a pool at your apartment complex? Synthetic grass is the perfect choice for any outdoor space near water because it’s waterproof and non-slip. 

In addition, you won’t have to worry about mud, killing the grass with chemicals or people slipping and sliding around due to wet grass.

5. Roof Deck

If your apartment complex has a roof deck, chances are tenants love hanging out there when the weather is nice. Synthetic grass can be placed on this space to create an outdoor lounge area that everyone will enjoy spending time in after work or school.

6. Garden

If you have a garden on your property, synthetic grass isn’t just something that will make the space look nicer. It can also be used to help prevent weeds from sprouting up since they are so difficult to remove when growing in the dirt! Turf also helps eliminate grass diseases and pests that can destroy your garden.

7. Sports court

If you’re lucky enough to have a sports court on your property, then installing synthetic grass will make it look terrific and provide tenants with another option for staying active. Artificial grass is perfect for all sorts of games and sports, such as bocce ball, volleyball and synthetic putting green installation in Orlando!

8. Parking lot

By bringing synthetic grass into your parking lots, you will not only give tenants another option for cleaner cars but also keep the space looking neat and tidy. 

However, we do recommend combining turf with hardscape if you want it installed on your parking lot. This protects the artificial grass from being torn by the weight of cars during parking.

9. BBQ and picnic area 

A lot of people living at apartment complexes enjoy hosting BBQs with their family to celebrate special occasions or just have a good time outside on weekends. 

Synthetic grass can be placed in this area so that tenants are able to cook out while also being surrounded by clean, elegant grass instead of dirt and mud. Just make sure to keep the actual grill away from the turf so it doesn’t melt or ruin the material!

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