Modern artificial grass installation in Orlando has evolved from a cheap plastic way to cover dirt into something that’s realistic, easy to care for and feels great to walk on.

It’s especially useful in hot areas like Florida. While drought, wildfires and water bans are all becoming too common in our state. This also makes it harder to keep grass looking green without breaking the bank. Plus, there’s the bonus of never having to mow your lawn again (or pay someone else to do it)!

It’s extremely versatile in terms of aesthetic, too. Here are some examples of different front yard styles you can bring to life using synthetic turf:

1. Go for a country landscape feel with benches and flowerbeds

A nice touch for the front yard is to add some garden furniture, like a bench or two and maybe place some pots around them. There are lots of different ways you can go here. Urns and sculptures look good, but so do hanging planters. You could even have a water fountain!

Don’t forget the finishing touch – stepping stones crossing over your artificial grass installation in Orlando leading you to the front door.

2. Try a Japanese Zen garden for a simple but striking look with artificial grass

Using rocks and gravel is an easy option for anyone who enjoys a low-maintenance outdoor space. You can use big stones placed randomly throughout your lawn or you could create intricate paths, bridges and even a small pond.

Rocks come in all different shapes, sizes and colors, so you can choose the ones that best suit your artificial lawn and taste. And if you really want to make a statement, you could use black pebbles around your garden. They really make your green space pop.

3. Go low maintenance with succulents instead of plants

Succulents are pretty much the least demanding plants around. They’re not picky about how much water you give them and many can even survive without any direct sunlight (or a lot of it).

They come in so many beautiful styles, from small, perfectly round balls to spiky ovals. Succulent gardens are easy to create too – just place them throughout your yard in pretty patterns!

Bonus: Succulents are one of the best plants to grow in Orlando. They don’t need any water to survive, they’re fine in the heat and – bonus points – many of them are native to Florida!

4. Try a modern design with geometric borders

For a minimalist look with elegant curves that really catches the eye, use landscaping strips to mark off your front yard’s borders. You can use several different materials, like stone or metal and create interesting designs on the land itself – maybe a sunburst or a flower shape.

The effect is eye-catching and modern and again, you don’t have to worry about mowing around those intricate patterns. Not sure if the design you have in mind will look good with your synthetic lawn? Double check with an artificial grass expert in Orlando.

There are plenty of great front lawn ideas out there, but these four designs are extra perfect for an artificial lawn. Not only do they look great, but all of them are simple and easy to maintain (just like synthetic turf!) so you can spend less time worrying about your front lawn and more time enjoying it.

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