Artificial grass installation in Orlando offers a range of eco-friendly benefits that can reduce your property’s impact on the environment. Installing artificial turf instead of a traditional grass lawn allows you to significantly cut back on water usage, eliminates the need for harmful chemicals, and reduces waste production thanks to its durability.

Slashing Outdoor Water Usage with Artificial Grass

One of the biggest ecological advantages of synthetic grass is the massive amount of water you can save compared to a standard grass lawn. Natural grass requires a significant amount of water to thrive in Orlando’s hot climate. Your typical Florida sod needs about 30-50 inches of water per year or 2-3 inches per week during dry periods. With artificial grass, watering is eliminated entirely after installation.

Over the lifetime of your artificial lawn, which averages 15-25 years with proper maintenance, you can conserve hundreds of thousands of gallons of water compared to irrigating natural grass. That savings is good news for Orlando’s often strained water supplies during drought conditions. And reducing outdoor water usage allows more water to remain in aquifers and watersheds rather than being pumped out for irrigation.

Preventing Chemical Runoff with Synthetic Turf

Maintaining a healthy natural lawn requires applying fertilizers and pesticides several times per year. However, the runoff from these chemicals pollutes nearby soil, lakes, rivers and groundwater. This runoff contributes to algal blooms and other environmental damage.

By installing artificial grass, which has no need for fertilizers or pesticides, you can prevent these harmful chemicals from contaminating our waterways. Without chemical runoff, your property can better support local ecosystems and natural habitats. Artificial lawns are also safe for children and pets, with no exposure to toxic lawn care products.

Long-Lasting and Recyclable Materials Reduce Waste

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf is designed to be extremely durable, long-lasting, and recyclable at end of life. High-quality synthetic grass blades are UV-stable and won’t fade or degrade from sun exposure. The materials stand up to heavy foot traffic from people and pets without getting worn down. And artificial lawns require no mowing, eliminating lawn clippings and related waste.

Today’s artificial grass is made from recyclable polyethylene and polyurethane. When properly maintained, it lasts 15-25 years on average before needing replacement. And once your synthetic turf does reach end of life, it can be recycled and repurposed rather than ending up in a landfill. The infill material used in artificial grass systems can also consist of eco-friendly components.

Eco-Friendly Artificial Grass Infill Options

Artificial grass fibers require infill material in between blade strands to provide support and shape. Traditionally crumb rubber, a recycled tire product, has been used as infill. However, crumb rubber may contain traces of harmful components.

For homeowners concerned about health and environmental impacts, eco-friendly infill options are available, such as:

  • Organic Infill – Made from natural, renewable components like coconut husks, cork, or sand, organic infills decompose over time and don’t contain toxic materials.
  • Rubber-Free Recycled Infill – Synthetic materials like thermoplastic elastomers provide bounce and support. These are produced from recycled plastics and polymers.
  • Hybrid Infill – Combines recycled rubber with organic materials like cork for reduced environmental impact.

When choosing artificial grass, ask us about the most sustainable infill options for your lawn. Properly maintaining the infill will allow you to re-use it when replacing your turf years down the road.

Reap the Rewards of Eco-Friendly Artificial Grass

With a durable, eco-friendly synthetic lawn, you can maintain a pristine landscape while doing your part for the environment. And over time, your artificial lawn will pay back your investment many times over through major resource savings.

Want to learn more? Call Orlando Artificial Grass at 408-317-0931 for a free consultation. We’ll assess your property, recommend the perfect artificial grass solution for your needs, and answer any questions about installation and maintenance. Let us help you join Orlando’s green living movement with sustainable landscaping!